Love Acts in the LaLa and Beyond

Love Acts in the LaLa and Beyond
Naima Lett, Hollywood Christian BLOG

PHOTO: Our 1st four #LoveActs, ©


When you think of the LaLa, do you think of LOVE? When you think of your home city, our nation, our world, does LOVE come to mind? Not really, right?! With all the bad news we hear each day locally, nationally and globally, LOVE lags behind on our top-of-mind list. Yet, LOVE is one of our most basic and important needs. We all need to love and be loved to live fully.


Part of our vision at Hope in the Hills in Beverly Hills is to “love like God loves” so we’ve looked forward all year to inviting you to join us in living out a Love Revolution in your own communities all over the world. We believe that LOVE is the secret weapon that changes our world. LOVE is what led Emanuel AME in Charleston to forgive the 21-year old who shot their pastor and members during a bible study in order to start a race war. LOVE is what will topple this #100Days100Nights gang war in South Los Angeles that has released terror and fear upon the community. God is LOVE and God’s perfect LOVE casts out fear. Love wins.


As God’s kids, we are known by our love. Love is active. LOVE ACTS! Therefore, we’re expressing love through tangible acts all throughout the month of August. Please join in wherever you are. Just jump in! Above is a photo of our 1st four love acts. You can find the entire original list that we created here OR at the end of BLOG:


Also, each day, you can see the daily actions posted throughout social media. Some of you are connected through my pages at:
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Enjoy! Share! Re-post! Please use #LoveActs

Each morning by 5 AM PT, I still write a Daily Devotion in the Bible App. If you’re connected to HopeintheHills through a account, you’ll receive an email each day.

Throughout the month, we’re also highlighting friends and ministries who are showing love in amazing ways. And if you’re in the LaLa, mark your calendar for THURS, 8/20 evening. We will serve and volunteer as a group at the Covenant House, “a non-profit agency whose mission is to reach at-risk homeless youth living on the streets and offer them hope and opportunities to turn their lives around.”


And please let us know what #LoveActs you decide to do in your homes, jobs, cities, and nations. Post your photos and messages. We look forward to hearing what GOOD NEWS comes from our steps of faith, showing love and shining light in our world.

Lots of love from the LaLa (literally!),

Rev. Naima Lett, D.MIN, ABD
The Hollywood Christian®
Author of coming release Confessions of a Hollywood Christian®

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Naima loves helping folks find their purpose and follow their dreams while deepening their faith. Often called The Hollywood Christian, she believes everyone should find a reason to dance daily, enjoy the 80 degrees and a breeze of the LaLa at least once, and have her Grandmother's bread pudding or sweet potato pie on holidays. Both are divine! :=) -- Dr. Naima Lett, Author: Confessions of a Hollywood Christian, CoPastor: Hope in the Hills, Beverly Hills

3 thoughts on “Love Acts in the LaLa and Beyond

  1. Naima, I love what you are doing! Keep up the Gospel work!

    I find myself supporting out of the country organizations , mainly because I know they have less to work with but amazing zest for the Gospel.

    I will prepare myself for a localized show of “Love” right where I live..and in my neighborhood…

    People are bed ridden; some are discouraged; and others just needing the touch from God….so what better way to introduce them to Him than to show the “Love” of His son.


    Paula Anderson

    1. Thanks so much, Paula! Great to hear from you.

      And thank you for supporting global organizations that need help as well as jumping in on the local level. We fully expect God to touch folks in a beautiful way as we avail ourselves. Let us know how it goes on your side. We’ll try to keep you all in the loop of what’s happening out here. Exciting!

      Thanks for dropping a line.

      Lots of love your way,

  2. Phenomenal! Impactful, inspiring, and necessary. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful way to help remind us all to be more intentional about expressing the love of Christ within us. Very well organized, as well– with such thought and meaning that it almost seems easy. Hopefully, it will be habit-forming and increase the momentum of the “Love Revolution”, worldwide. Indeed love CAN change the world. I’m in! 😀

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