Welcome to HollywoodChristian.com
We’re helping artists find their purpose and follow their dreams while deepening their faith. Our ministry was founded by Naima Lett, D.MIN, ABD, and she continues to be committed to caring for the souls of artists and professionals in Los Angeles and abroad.

Why Hollywood Christian?
Because Creatives are striving – trying to find more work, survive and connect with others. The Christian artist, especially, has challenges navigating between both worlds. The top question asked of us is, “How can you exist as a Christian in Hollywood? How can you excel in your career without compromising? How can you create excellent artistry and maintain your walk?”

Hollywood Christian answers these questions by encouraging artists to live authentically and to fully embrace who God created them to be.

We care for the souls of artists and encourage both spiritual and artistic growth.
Our goal is to help artists:
•  Embrace their God-given gifts
•  Find more work as artists, and
•  Connect with and serve alongside fellow artists

We equip artists through:
•  Biblical study
•  Industry workshops and
•  Fellowship gatherings

Plugged in?
We partner and gather weekly with Hope in the Hills on Sunday, in addition to monthly workshops and consultations. Please RSVP as per instructions.

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