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Our Spring Wedding | Beating the Odds



I Love Weddings, Fam!

I love weddings! I loved our spring wedding: roses, choreo-dramas, our family chartering a bus from the South to the North to celebrate with us. I loved getting married. I loved the proposal. I loved the engagement. I love Kevin more now than I did almost 14 years ago when we married, and I didn’t think that was possible because I was knocked-out-giddied-up-head-over-hills in love with him at that time. Still, our love has deepened with each mountain and valley, with each rainbow and waterfall.

10 Weddings in a Year | Beating the Odds

In the year that we married, the year our skyline changed because the Twin Towers came tumbling down, Kevin and I attended or participated in 10 weddings. YES! 10! From Disney World to Detroit, from the Garden State to the Lone Star State! We loved it! Every one of those weddings was different and precious and full of hope. And be encouraged, Fam! We’re beating the odds, Fam! Of those 10 weddings, 8 are still going strong. So much for those 50% statistics! We’re not saying it’s easy. Marriage isn’t easy. But each day, we’re walking with the Lord and making a decision to love one another and work things out and forgive, etc. It can be done! One of these days, maybe I can try to arrange a collage of our BIG 8 like the one above of my friends and Hope Fam. :=)

So Excited

I still get excited when I see the beautiful bride in all of her glory and see her groom gaze upon her coming down the aisle. So imagine how thrilled I was when the Lord begin to minister to us about His excitement when He sees His Bride, the church, in all our glory. As our Bridegroom, Jesus loves His Bride, whom He gave His life for. And just before the new heaven and new earth are revealed for all time, Revelation 19:9 says “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!” I look forward to the greatest wedding heaven and earth has ever seen.

Our Spring Wedding

So, we’re having another Spring Wedding! This time, we’re celebrating the ultimate Bridegroom and His Love for His Bride on Easter. Hope in the Hills is throwing a Feast of Love: A Special Easter Celebration & Reception. We’ve got worship, the arts, the Word, great food and fellowship. We currently gather at the Belle Chapel of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, 300 North Clark Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. If you’re in the LaLa, we’d love for you to come celebrate with us. Please RSVP so we prepare enough food. If you’re not in the LaLa, please send your prayers and praises our way. We’re going to rock the Hills come Sunday! Love, love, love is in the air! Here’s the invite:


Mad Thanks

Mad appreciation to my friends and all of our HOPE fam who gave me permission to share your wedding photos above: Bobby & Teka, Rasheed & Sasha, Jim & Yetunde, Jonathan & Sharifa, Brian & Malika, Jarrett & Andrea, Sa’heed & Alexandria, Charles & Diane. You are all quite special to us. Looking good, family!

Happy Resurrection Sunday to all of our extended family across the globe! Celebrate this weekend. Celebrate how much you are loved by the One Who gave His life for you, conquered death, and arose again that we have life in Him. You are loved with an everlasting love!

Lots of love from the LaLa,

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