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Great Expectations | Lent 2015

Great Expectations | LENT 2015

Lent 2015

Hi Fam,

Expectations are tricky. Great expectations, even trickier. What do I mean?
If expectations are too great and not fulfilled OR they’re not great enough and nothing happens, we’re left disappointed either way. Yet, for this year’s Lent, I challenge you to stretch out on faith with Great Expectation.

My God Wasn’t Big Enough

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to be invited as 1 of 16 Los Angeles pastors into an inaugural leadership program, and one of our guest speakers told the story of talking with a non-Christian friend in his sunset years.

“Do you have any regrets?” he asks his elderly friend
“I don’t live in regrets,” Friend responds. “But when I look back, I don’t think my god was big enough. I wish I had believed he was bigger.”

God Is Great

Well, our God, YAHWEH, Heavenly Father of us and our Lord Jesus, Our God is Great! He’s huge. He is big enough, and we can have great expectations in Him. He promises to draw near to us when we draw near to Him and He’s a Promise Keeper.

I’d rather have great expectation and risk disappointment if He tells me “Not yet!” or “Not yours!” than to keep things safe and not step out in faith at all, afraid to be disappointed. I’m stepping out the boat, Fam. I’ve been invited to walk on water, and I’m going for it. Won’t you join me?!

Lent 2015

For the next 40 days, (46 days minus Sundays, as traditional LENT calendars exclude the 6 Sundays leading up to Easter as mini-resurrection celebrations), we’re observing Lent.


LENT is traditionally a season of reflection, repentance, and renewal in preparation for Easter in which we choose to give up something in favor of gaining something else. So, we each work out our own fasting and prayer between us and God, choosing to sacrifice whatever is important to remind us to pray. Collectively though, we’re in this together globally through daily devotions on and locally through weekly worship service at Hope in the Hills. Wow! Has God been meeting us in worship at HOPE! Come on time, Fam! He’s with us.

Daily Devotion

Many are already connected with us on the Bible APP and you receive my 5-minute, original Daily Devotion link from via email each morning by 5 AM PT that says NEW NOTE. If you don’t get it, you can sign into and find my username “hopeinthehills” and connect. Others find it on social media on Facebook and Twitter, though signing up in the Bible App is the best. Some days, I don’t get to social media. I’m trying to graduate May 22, Fam! Pray for your girl.

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Lots of love from the LaLa,

Rev. Naima Lett, D.MIN, ABD
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Why Hollywood Christian?

Why Hollywood Christian®
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Why Hollywood Christian®?

I get this question all the time. Many of you have wondered, out loud, for many years, why in the world I would purposely write a book and name it Confessions of a Hollywood Christian®, write a blog for years and call it Hollywood Christian®, start a ministry called Hollywood Christian®, wear the nickname “The Hollywood Christian®”, use Facebook/HollywoodChristian, and spend hard-earned resources on logos, trademarks, websites, etc.

The Answer
It came from you (and God, of course :=). That’s right! Remember those surveys back in 2005, 2006, 2007? We prayed and spent a considerable amount of time and resources trying to figure out what to call our space on this side of heaven. Then, we surveyed and asked you repeatedly what and how you thought of me, how you describe me to others, what words pop up when you think of me, and those words came up again and again.

Go With the Flow
The branding expert we hired explained that when choosing a brand, especially long term, it’s best to go with the flow, go with how folks already identify you. I’ve been actively working in the entertainment industry and vocational ministry since 1997, so many of you naturally called me both Hollywood and Christian. So, we put the words together, and the rest is history.

What’s Coming?!


Thanks a million for continually asking about the book. It’s a’coming! I had to press pause over the last year to focus on finishing my doctoral dissertation so I can graduate May 22nd. That’s also why I tapered back writing the daily Hollywood Christian® blogs over the last year. But rest assured, after graduation, once again, it’s on!




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I love your questions and dialogue.
Keep ’em coming!

Rev. Naima Lett, D.MIN, ABD
The Hollywood Christian®
Author of coming release Confessions of a Hollywood Christian®

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