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We Are The World


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That’s the first thought that crossed my mind as we compiled the diverse photos (above) of our Hope in the Hills Fam, Friends and Guests gathering this Saturday 9/27, 6 PM for our Evening of Prayer & Praise during the National 10 Days of Prayer coordinated in Los Angeles by the Hollywood Prayer Network between Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur.


The original WE ARE THE WORLD written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, produced by Quincy Jones, and recorded in studios not far from here in Beverly
Hills and Hollywood, brought together over 40 world-renown singers, raising over $63 million in aid for Africa and the US. The song and video of such unity in diversity spun that single to become the fastest-selling American pop single in history and the first ever certified multi-platinum single. It went on to win several awards in 1985 and sell over 20 million copies. Why?


I think deep down, the experience touched something inside each one of us. We’re all desperately hungry for the unity WE ARE THE WORLD represented. Folks put aside their egos and agendas and came together to focus on one goal, one cause. The song raised money for relief from the famine in Ethiopia, but we’re all hungry for more, aren’t we?


Which brings me to my final thought: “We’re more than we are the world. We’re out of this world!” Each one of us has a God-sized longing on the inside for more than the brokenness that we see in this world. We long for togetherness and peace and community and that great heavenly multitude that John saw in Revelation 7:9 of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne of our Lord. We long for the healing of our nations and cities and families that only God can bring.


So, we’re coming together to pray to God, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Matt 6:10 We will pray for unity, the nations, our nation, our families and children, our City of Angels and our entertainment industry. And we will praise God through songs and music and dance. We put aside all egos and agendas. There is only ONE STAR on our red carpet as far as we’re concerned, and that’s OUR LORD. You are welcome to join us on Saturday. If you’re not here in LaLa Land, look on the 10 Days of Prayer and see if there are cities in your area praying and join them. You can pray wherever you are! God’s kingdom come, God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Lots of love from the LaLa,

An Evening of Prayer & Praise
Followed by food and fellowship
SAT. SEPT 27th, 6:00 PM
Hope in the Hills
1200 S Hope Street FL 2
@ Vocal Corner Store
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Please let us know if you’ll join us so we have enough food.

Rev. Naima Lett, D.MIN, ABD
The Hollywood Christian®
Author of coming release Confessions of a Hollywood Christian®

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What Attracts You?

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What attracts you, Fam?
That’s what I need to know.
Good music, food, gifts? All of the above?

You may be aware by now that our Hope in the Hills fam is hosting An Evening of Prayer & Praise next SAT 9/27 6PM as part of LA’s 10 Days of Prayer. So, I’m trying to figure out how to get folks out.

As I spoke with one of our beautiful fam/PR specialist, it became clear that because of what’s attractive to me, I assume “Everybody values prayer! Who wouldn’t want to gather and sing and pray and eat and fellowship?” Is that true? We don’t know. When I don’t know, I ask somebody.

Hello, Somebody! Is this type of evening attractive to you? We’ve been given a fabulous space downtown on Hope Street (Thank you, Nick!). We’ve invited incredible and diverse vocalists, dancers, musicians, pastors and friends to participate including the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir. We’ve already started fasting and praying as we prepare to gather for UNITY and send up our petitions and songs to the heavenlies, and we’ve planned a scrumptious dinner with great fellowship. We think all these things are fantastic, but what do you think?

Would you allow me to have a little fun in this post and throw out some facetious ideas to see if these attract you? Please don’t take these seriously. I don’t.


Prayer is Sexy

Would it work if we said that prayer is sexy? It isn’t, really, but would that attract you? Talking to God is incredibly intimate, but sexy – not so much. Prayer is normal and conversational. There are times when things are downright ugly with crying, or joyous with dancing, or even stillness with silence. Most times, though, prayer is just regular. And that’s how we usually are – regular folks talking regular to our Lord.

Celebrity Networking

Do we need to invite celebrity friends and promise you networking opportunities? Would that work? Yal know I’m very tight-lipped in this area. Folks don’t know who I know. But I’ve been told regularly that if we want folks to come out, we need to parade our friends before you, which seems incredibly insensitive to me. I’m not sure how we got to the place where talking to God needs celebrity validation, but if this motivates you, hey, let us know!

You’ll Get Some Stuff

Do you need to get some stuff? If so, what? A gift bag? A promise? I was told that I need to show you some benefits for you to come. Really? Okay, some benefits are you’ll know that you’re not alone in the LaLa. We have great community, fellowship, worship, authenticity. This whole night is part of a larger international movement, so we’re jumping into a river of prayer and praise that’s moving all over the world.

Look, we believe in prayer. We know that God answers. We’ve experienced miracles. We’ve seen God move mountains, fight battles, create work, heal, save, deliver, provide, love and walk with us. We think it’s amazing that He actually allows us to participate and be on the front-lines talking and listening with Him as the spectacular drama of our lives unfold.

I’ve made a lot of jokes today, but the truth is I can share who we are and what we’re doing and Who God is and what He’s doing and trust that His Spirit draws and gives you a desire for more of Him. Will your needs be met? God loves you. If you ask, He hears you. We may not always get exactly what we want, but God meets our needs according to His will.

Wind Machines

And if all else fails to attract you, we can rent wind machines to whip our hair around while we praise and worship. If that’s the only way you’ll come hang out, make your requests known.

Thanks for letting me have a little fun today.

Hope to see you next week. Let me know if you’re coming, and please spread the word. And if you’re out of town, please pray for us. God has really been close to us lately and we know He wants to heal the nations, our nation, our city, our families and our industry. We’ve got an assignment, and we will be on post SEPT 27th, having a good time with angels in our City of Angels.

Lots of love from the LaLa,

Rev. Naima Lett, D.MIN, ABD
The Hollywood Christian®
Author of coming release Confessions of a Hollywood Christian®

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