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Take A Bow: Reflections from New York

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Hi Fam,

I’ve missed you and communicating weekly through the blog, but hopefully this temporary sacrifice will be worth it all come Friday, May 22, 2015 when prayerfully I’ll joy cross commencement’s stage having officially completed the doctoral degree.

Take A Bow

That would be a time when my Hollywood fam would quote Rihanna and say, “Take a Bow!” “Receive your applause. You deserve it!” And don’t get me wrong, if nobody else claps, your girl (and hopefully my husband) will be clapping for herself. Don’t sleep! You might be watching the live stream and see this little caramel chip in a graduation gown break out with a roundhouse cartwheel into a James Brown split. I’m joking, but not really…:=)

And nothing’s wrong with taking a bow at the completion of our work, but ever since I returned from Greater Allen Cathedral’s “Living Sacrifices” Worship Conference in New York last week, I’ve been re-thinking “taking a bow” in terms of worship. I was graciously invited back to minister and teach and serve alongside awesome family and facilitators (a million thanks Rev. Eyesha Marable, Dr. Kathleen Turner, and entire GAC Team!), and I had a phenomenal time serving everyone from the teens to the seasoned saints, but something extraordinary happened to me as well.

Dancing With the Stars

The Lord met me in a beautiful place during the very first evening worship service where He invited me to simply worship Him, bow before Him, delight in Him. He took the cares of the world off these tiny shoulders, and we danced together in the beauty of His holiness. I was surrounded by international family, and at the same time having an intimate duet with my heavenly Dad. It was Dancing With the Real Star, the Brilliant One! And as I considered Who He really is in all His splendor and majesty, I kept wanting to just bow. All throughout that week, I was on floors, up under pews, and I wasn’t alone (see photo above). We’d get a glimpse of Who our King is and just bow or prostrate. That’s what worship is – to bow.

Called To Worship

And that’s been my posture since I returned back to the LaLa. The Lord called our Hope in the Hills fam into perpetual worship and resting in Him and spending time with Him as we lead up to our Dreams to Reality retreat next weekend. We invite you to join us wherever you are in the world in worshiping Him. At the start of each day, let’s take a second and just bow before God’s throne, acknowledge who He is, speak well of Him, surrender our own agendas and wills and trust Him with our lives and all the events of our day. Truthfully, we’re all worshipers and bow down to something: career, dreams, relationships, teams. We’re built to worship. But how great it is to actually place that worship where it is rightfully deserved, at the feet of the One Who created heaven and earth, the One Who created us.

So, Let’s Take That Bow
Literally. Our God is worth it.


Lots of love from the LaLa,

Rev. Naima Lett, D.MIN, ABD
The Hollywood Christian®
Author of coming release Confessions of a Hollywood Christian®

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